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5 étoiles (Translated) I am Brazilian and a language teacher (Portuguese, English and French) in Paraná, South Brazil. During my training I had the opportunity to live in Europe for some time to study and work.
More recently, in May 2022, I decided to devote myself more to the study of the French language, and to this end I discovered with enormous satisfaction the Swiss International School in Paris, an extraordinary institution in many respects: excellent location, very pleasant building architecture, welcoming people, teachers who are committed to teaching and always ready to listen to each and every student; there is a very positive atmosphere at the school and one feels good there. This atmosphere encourages interaction at all times with the other students, with all the teachers, as well as with the director and the secretarial staff.
Beyond the linguistic progress, my French course at the Swiss International School in Paris has been an unforgettable experience for me, with positive effects on my attitude towards the efficiency and quality of these daily interactions, which I will always try to spread among my students in Brazil. (September 2022)