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5 étoiles (Translated) At the age of 77, after 55 years of work as a lawyer, I decided to study French.

5 étoiles (Traduit) There are so few schools that students miss on weekends and look forward to Mondays.

5 étoiles  (Translated) I can really only recommend the École Suisse!!!

5 étoiles (Translated) Highly recommended!!! - Good teachers - Good methods - Great atmosphere - Just fun to learn there! (September 2022)

5 étoiles (Translated) I can only recommend École Suisse. I had a super great stay in Paris and really learned a lot.

5 étoiles (Translated) I am Brazilian and a language teacher (Portuguese, English and French) in Paraná, South Brazil.

 5 étoiles (Translated) The best school to learn French in Paris. My level was close to zero, I even had to relearn the alphabet!

5 étoiles I studied about eight months here, not only I made a huge progress in French, but also it’s a great experiences for me to have unfor