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Quality service guaranteed


Quality service guaranteed

Tried-and-tested methods

  • EduQua-certified quality process.
  • Association status as per the 1901 French law.
  • Complies with the collective agreement pertaining to training organizations.
  • Registered as a private establishment of higher learning with the Academy of Paris.
  • Groupement FLE quality standards and code of conduct.
  • Training programs based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • Accredited examination center for CCI Paris-Île-de France and France Éducation International.

Consistent quality standards

  • A full range of services: French classes, accommodation options and cultural outings.
  • Teaching methods that encourage communication, interactivity and provide effective learning strategies.
  • Original course materials designed to help students acquire linguistic, pragmatic and intercultural skills.
  • Outward-looking activities that consider local sociocultural realities.
  • A welcoming, functional learning environment.
  • A committed team of qualified, experienced teachers.
  • A strong focus on students’ well-being.

A systematic evaluation process

  • Initial proficiency test conducted to determine each student’s needs.
  • Regular verification of knowledge acquired and learning methods adopted (tests, assessments, self-evaluation).
  • Ongoing dialogue and exchange with students.
  • Weekly satisfaction surveys.
  • Optional monitoring visits for all accommodation options.
  • Co-evaluation procedures for teaching staff via class audits and individual student interviews.
  • Ongoing relationships between group leaders and advisers.

A constant quest for improvement and concrete results

  • An appraisal sent to group leaders and advisers containing a full recap of course performance, evaluations conducted and recommendations given.
  • Adaptation of internship options.
  • Readjustment of programs.
  • Renewal of teaching materials.
  • Ongoing teacher training.


Processus qualité


Certification qualité eduQua