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Living in Paris

Student lodgings in Paris for our French language learners


For all students enrolled in our French classes in Paris, the École Suisse Internationale offers a free service to assist with finding accommodation.

Accommodation options are based exclusively inside the city of Paris, and are chosen with care according to location, comfort and amenities criteria.



Arrival: Sunday from 6pm onwards (except in special circumstances).
Departure: Saturday between 9am and 10am (except in special circumstances).

Breakfast (B&B): Furnished room with a host family, breakfast included (possible independent access to kitchen for self-catering for dinner, subject to family approval).

Half-board: Immersive homestay experience: breakfast +3 or +5 dinners per week, or all dinners during your stay. 5-dinner option only available for minimum 2-week stays.

All other requests will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.

2022 rates

(subject to change and according to availability)(1)

Duration: 1 week minimum


Standard category (2)

Premium category (2)

Breakfast (B&B)

34,40 € /day

41,30 € /day

Half-board 3 dinners/week

39,90 € /day

47,90 € /day

Half-board 5 dinners/week
(minimum 2-week stays)

42.90 € /day

51,50 € /day

Half-board all dinners included (3)

47.00 € /day

56.40 € /day

(1) Minimum price, variable according to your chosen option (quotes upon request).
(2) Categories defined according to comfort levels, room amenities and services provided. For people aged 35 and over, or those with special dietary requirements (vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free…), we systematically offer the Premium category (subject to host family availability).(3) Only for 1 to 2-week stays.

Other accommodation


Furnished one-room studios

Studios located in our school building for enrolled students are subject to availability (limited number). Rental costs start at 500€ for 4 weeks. Additional electricity and heating costs (from October to April) will likely apply.


Standard room (shower and WC) with breakfast included, located near school premises.
2-star 95€ - 100€/night (according to seasonal price variation)
3-star 115€ - 130€/night (according to seasonal price variation)

Fondation Suisse (Cité Universitaire).

Possibility to rent a room at the Fondation Suisse, only for July and August (and subject to availability).


Accommodation conditions


Accommodation can only be procured for the duration of a student’s enrollment in one of our courses. Arrival and departure dates necessarily coincide with course dates. Accommodation assistance can only be provided after receipt of course fee payment. The École Suisse Internationale will provide all relevant details regarding accommodation around 2 weeks prior to course commencement, or later in the case of late enrollment.

All students must have insurance coverage (health and third-party liability), irrespective of their chosen accommodation option. For studio accommodation, students must take out insurance policies for the full duration of their rental period, covering any and all risks associated with property rental and in accordance with French law. All students must be able to provide proof of insurance upon request.


Payment must be made alongside the membership fee and paid in full at least 6 weeks before the beginning of the stay. The half-board option is for a minimum of 6 nights. If the guest has begun their lodging, the cost of accommodation is due in full. If the guest arrives late or leaves early, the cost of accommodation is due in full. Any additional services that were not rendered during the guest’s absence (meals) will not be reimbursed.


Accommodation reserved for long stays. Rent in full is to be paid alongside the membership fee. A deposit is also requested, equivalent to one month’s rent. This deposit will be returned in full on the final day, subject to the integrity of the inventory (or with a 4-week notice). Insurance policies covering any and all risks associated with property rental must be taken out for the full duration of the rental period and in accordance with French law. Our Parisian school office is at your disposal to provide advice regarding valid insurance options in France.




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