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  • Intensive French language immersion programs
  • Personalized homestay accommodation options
  • French language classes that can be adapted to your needs
  • Cultural and creative activities
  • Programs ranging from one to several weeks
  • All proficiency levels

Teachers, organizers, institutional managers: intensive French language immersion programs for effective learning


Every year, numerous schools and institutions entrust us with their student groups for French language study holidays. Over 25 years of experience has rendered successively satisfied, loyal partners, group organizers and leaders.

A one or two-week intensive French language program at our school gives students the opportunity to progress rapidly in French and discover French culture by interacting directly with locals.

We propose a first-rate service for all aspects of your stay: teaching, homestay accommodation options, administrative and operational organization, individual student support and communication with group leaders.




    Our approach to program organization

    Our breadth of experience welcoming and managing group language stays guarantees you:

    • transparent, effective organization, 
    • a curriculum adapted to your specific needs, 
    • methodic, structured teaching methods.


    Activities focused on French language and culture

    In order to fully involve and motivate students, we offer a wide range of interactive exercises focused on encouraging each student's spoken participation:

    • Intensive conversational practice.
    • Interactive communication exercises to strengthen oral and written expression and comprehension skills; reinforce grammar and lexical competencies.
    • Creative workshops (video making, drama classes...).
    • Follow the city sights treasure hunt and conduct live surveys with local inhabitants.
    • DELF-DALF exam methodology and preparatory training.
    • Cultural excursions to discover Dijon and the surrounding region.
    • Testing conducted at regular intervals (course commencement, mid-way, course completion), as required and according to target objectives.
    • Original teaching materials.


    Homestay with local host families

    We propose personalized homestay accommodation options with French families to ensure students’ total cultural and linguistic immersion:

    • Families are carefully selected to match each student’s individual profile.
    • Families are personally invested in their student’s success and well-being.
    • Guaranteed authentic cultural experiences on a daily basis: a warm welcome and regular socialization and communication during evening meals and weekend activities.
    • Ongoing contact between families and our team to support your students’ immersion process during their stay in Dijon.


    Co-monitoring with group leaders

    Close collaboration between group leaders and teachers, as well as individual support for each student, ensuring a successful and productive language study holiday:

    • Before each French language program begins, we devise a detailed course plan with you to achieve your objectives, featuring 15 to 30 hours of weekly activities.
    • Throughout your stay, we will be in daily touch to advise you how school activities are progressing, how each student is performing in class and to provide feedback regarding their host family experience.
    • After your stay, we provide you with an appraisal recounting notable events and evaluations conducted.


    Fees and conditions

    Upon request. Please contact us to obtain a quote and course program that meets your specific needs, including course fees, a detailed activity break-down and general conditions.





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