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5 étoiles I studied about eight months here, not only I made a huge progress in French, but also it’s a great experiences for me to have unforgettable conversations with my teachers and fellow students. I was especially impressed by the teachers here - everyone is passionate, nice and care about each student.

1. Small classes - typically 3-7 students, your have more chances and time to practice; every teacher know students very well, and flexible to adjust the contents to be efficient for the study
2. Right feedback - besides daily interactive , a weekly survey make sure the teachers understand your progress, thinking and suggestions.
3. Great fun - you have chance to talk to students from all over the world, have lunch with teachers and students, we only speak French at the school; a weekly culture outing allow you to understand more about the local culture and people.
4. Good library - lots of French books for you to read and learn, including many BD(bande dessinée)

Sometimes I also miss the lunch here😁 - near the school there are so many different restaurants we could enjoy. (July 2022)