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Quality French tuition and premium customer service.


The École Suisse Internationale welcomes students all year round to study French in a friendly and conducive learning environment. Our teaching methods are effective and we offer programs that can be adapted to accommodate your needs.

  • Two intimately-sized French language schools designed to optimize networking, connection and communication opportunities.
  • A warm family atmosphere in two spacious, comfortable settings.
  • Small-sized French classes for each proficiency level.
  • Flexible French language program options.
  • Individual support mechanisms adapted to each student’s profile.
  • Highly qualified and experienced teaching and administrative staff.
  • Our teaching approach is verified and certified annually by the Swiss EduQua quality label.

Discover the pleasure of learning and expressing yourself in French. Enjoy an authentic French experience.


  • Full immersion in French language and culture.
  • Opportunities for spoken exchange and intensive conversational practice both inside and outside class-time.
  • Active, participative teaching methods.
  • Methodical, concrete French tuition.
  • Original course materials developed entirely by our teaching staff.
  • Individual educational support to tailor the learning experience to your personal needs and objectives.
  • Native French language teachers to assist you with making solid, rapid progress.





A long history of teaching French and hosting cultural exchanges.


The École Suisse Internationale is the primary activity of the Cercle Commercial Suisse, a nonprofit association founded in 1881 in Paris. We first inaugurated our French school in Paris in 1933, and then our school in Dijon in 1995. Over the course of all these years, the École Suisse Internationale has established a solid track record in teaching language learners from a range of different backgrounds (students, professionals, teachers…) and who hail from different nations around the world.



What's happening in Paris

Découverte de Paris : "Super Terram" à l'Espace Voltaire

Les étudiants ont découvert l'univers de onze artistes contemporains réunis à Paris dans le cadre d'une exposition inédite et insolite.

What's happening in Dijon

Expressions imagées : Retrouvez les mots-composés (série 1)

Saurez-vous retrouver le mot-composé caché derrière ces illustrations ?


Our students share their experience






5 étoiles (École Suisse was one of the best educational experiences I’ve had in my life and I am so happy I chose to go there to learn French. Located in the bustling 10th arrondissement, École Suisse offers a dynamic and engaging language teaching pedagogy which really improved my French - even though I was only there for three weeks!
Unlike most language schools, classes here are not rigidly structured, but are instead more of a fluid dialogue between the professors and students. For example, maybe while discussing how to use the past tense in French a student starts talking about the museum they visited last weekend - before you know it, the whole class is discussing their favourite museums in Paris! The professors really encourage these “detour” discussion and they use them to teach the class new expressions and grammar (as opposed to coming in with a checklist of pre-selected grammar points). I found this approach so refreshing and helpful - it really encourages you to develop natural conversation skills, which is probably the most important thing at the end of the day. Of course, that is not to say École Suisse shies away from teaching grammar, vocabulary etc - it just does so mostly through interesting, spontaneous interactions as opposed to boring exercises and drills. École Suisse is able to do this because class sizes are very small - none of my classes had more than 6 people. If you can, I would also recommend going to the afternoon classes as well - those ones are essentially a big discussion in French around a certain theme (ie. Education systems, pop music, movies etc) and they really push you to improve.

All this could not be possible without the teaching staff at the school, who are not only experts in what they do, but also very pleasant to be around. For all the stereotypes of tyrannical French teachers who explode into anger if you misgender a noun, there was absolutely none of that here. While classes were no doubt challenging, I always felt well-supported and encouraged by the patience and understanding of the professors. All of them are actually very funny as well, and you will definitely laugh as you learn!

Overall, I would highly recommend École Suisse to anyone looking to spend some time in Paris learning French. The memories, friends and language skills I gained while I was there I will carry with me for a lifetime. (January 2023)



5 étoiles I had a great time at Ecole Suisse which encourages students to communicate in French during and after class. We learn better when we have fun! (December 2022)



5 étoiles (Translated) I attended the Ecole Suisse Internationale for 4 weeks and I am very happy with the choice and the results. The teachers are prepared and extremely helpful, the groups are very small (max 8 people) and this helps to improve your French because you have the possibility to talk a lot in class. Moreover, the atmosphere in the school is very pleasant, we often eat together, students and teachers, and we have constant opportunities to speak French, according to their motto "à l'École on parle que français". The Wednesday afternoon trips to discover Paris are also a good opportunity to continue speaking and listening to French and to get to know the people at the school better (all very motivated!)
Super recommended for those who want to learn French well! (December 2022)



5 étoiles (Translated) I took a two-week intensive course at the end of October as a "Bildungsurlaub" (German option to take a training holiday) and I found it a great experience where I managed to make friends of different nationalities.
I feel that my level of French has improved a lot and now I feel more comfortable speaking, plus my acquaintances in France say that they can make a difference. I really liked the teaching system and the possibility to have classes with different teachers. The building is very nice and for me very well located near the Gare de Nord. All the teachers, including the administrative staff, are super friendly and ready to help you with anything you need, and you can tell they do their job with pleasure. I think it's great that they encourage you to speak French all the time and even encourage everyone to have lunch together (teachers, students, administrative staff) to practice French.
The Wednesday afternoons offer very interesting cultural outings as they invite you to discover Paris from a local point of view.
I totally recommend this school! (November 2022)



5 étoiles (Translated) I spent 3 months at the Ecole Suisse Internationale and I can only say that the school is really great! I can recommend them to everyone, whether they are beginners or advanced, young or old. All the teachers are very nice, open and helpful and it's always fun to go to the school. As the groups are very small, the teachers can focus a lot on individual problems, which allows for rapid progress.
The Wednesday afternoon excursions are also only recommended, as they are not the 0815 attractions of Paris, but hidden places that are a bit less known :-)
I had a great time in Paris and I am very happy to have discovered this school! (November 2022)



5 étoiles (Translated) At the age of 77, after 55 years of work as a lawyer, I decided to study French. The first lessons were obtained in Brazil and then at the Swiss International School. From the very first contacts, I noticed the differential of the school's team. A kind reply was sent to me with all the necessary explanations for the course, as well as for a short practice test. In a familiar and relaxed environment, the courses are taught by different teachers so that the students have immediate contact with the diversity of the French language. Grammar, conversation and interpretation classes are held in small groups so that everyone has the opportunity to participate intensively and therefore improve their performance. There were 7 weeks of classes that allowed me to maintain a pleasant conversation in Parisian life. (November 2022)



5 étoiles (Translated)) There are so few schools that students miss on weekends and look forward to Mondays. So École Suisse Internationale Paris is just that ! I've been there for twelve productive weeks and I'm sure you can say to foreigners who want to speak French: look no further, this is it! Seriously, the teachers will make sure you speak as fast as possible. And yes, absolutely all adults who are used to express themselves spontaneously and fluently in their native language feel very insecure when trying to speak a foreign language for the first time. They feel a bit incomplete. They have so many complex, interesting and trivial thoughts in their head. But it is difficult for them to express them. The teachers at this school are very familiar with this problem and do EVERYTHING they can to make this stage of "speaking" French easier. The atmosphere at the school is so friendly and warm that there is simply no chance of not speaking your mind, or wasting class time ineffectively.

All in all, I heartily recommend this school.

And by the way most of the students there are people who go back there ! If that's not a sign of quality - then what is? (October 2022)



5 étoiles  (Translated) I can really only recommend the École Suisse!!! I had a wonderful stay in Paris and the two-week intensive course was super!!! The school has a very pleasant family atmosphere and you feel very well looked after. The classes are in small groups and the teachers are great! They are very nice and helpful. In class, each student is taken care of individually and there is always a lot of emphasis on language exchange. I really enjoyed going to school! My trip was a great and unforgettable experience and I would very much like to come again!

P.s.: By the way, the school is a great place to take an educational holiday. (October 2022)



5 étoiles (Translated) Highly recommended!!! - Good teachers - Good methods - Great atmosphere - Just fun to learn there! (September 2022)



5 étoiles (Translated) I can only recommend École Suisse. I had a super great stay in Paris and really learned a lot. The teaching methods, the teachers, the whole atmosphere was just perfect. The learning materials are well chosen and the size of the groups is also great for productivity. The teachers are so friendly and always helpful, they immediately grow on you :) A small tip: Make sure you take part in the excursions on Wednesdays, which are especially fun and allow for a great exchange with your classmates. Thank you very much for a great time! (September 2022)



5 étoiles (Translated) I am Brazilian and a language teacher (Portuguese, English and French) in Paraná, South Brazil. During my training I had the opportunity to live in Europe for some time to study and work.
More recently, in May 2022, I decided to devote myself more to the study of the French language, and to this end I discovered with enormous satisfaction the Swiss International School in Paris, an extraordinary institution in many respects: excellent location, very pleasant building architecture, welcoming people, teachers who are committed to teaching and always ready to listen to each and every student; there is a very positive atmosphere at the school and one feels good there. This atmosphere encourages interaction at all times with the other students, with all the teachers, as well as with the director and the secretarial staff.
Beyond the linguistic progress, my French course at the Swiss International School in Paris has been an unforgettable experience for me, with positive effects on my attitude towards the efficiency and quality of these daily interactions, which I will always try to spread among my students in Brazil. (September 2022)



5 étoiles (Translated) The best school to learn French in Paris. My level was close to zero, I even had to relearn the alphabet! The teachers quickly made me feel confident. I especially thank Thierry, Marion and Veronique. I highly recommend this school. They are very attentive and kind. (September 2022)



5 étoiles I studied about eight months here, not only I made a huge progress in French, but also it’s a great experiences for me to have unforgettable conversations with my teachers and fellow students. I was especially impressed by the teachers here - everyone is passionate, nice and care about each student.

1. Small classes - typically 3-7 students, your have more chances and time to practice; every teacher know students very well, and flexible to adjust the contents to be efficient for the study
2. Right feedback - besides daily interactive , a weekly survey make sure the teachers understand your progress, thinking and suggestions.
3. Great fun - you have chance to talk to students from all over the world, have lunch with teachers and students, we only speak French at the school; a weekly culture outing allow you to understand more about the local culture and people.
4. Good library - lots of French books for you to read and learn, including many BD(bande dessinée)

Sometimes I also miss the lunch here😁 - near the school there are so many different restaurants we could enjoy. (July 2022)



5 étoilesThe best language school I’ve stayed! Spending 2 months there, I was enable to talk bravely in French and I even found my best friend in this country! (September 2022)



5 étoiles This was one of the best language schools that I have tried. Friendly professors. Small class sizes. Comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. The professors are truly happy to be there and there are different classes for each proficiency level. I would love to further my knowledge of French here again! (August 2022)



5 étoiles Highly recommend. It was a super nice experience with this language school. the organization, the ambiance as well as the caring of all professors. you feel completely free and motivated to speak out in French. (August 2022)



5 étoiles (Translation) I highly recommend! Great teachers, atmosphere, classes at a high level, a hit :) (July 2022)



I am Brazilian and a language teacher (Portuguese, English and French) in Paraná, South Brazil. During my training I had the opportunity to live in Europe for some time to study and work.
More recently, in May 2022, I decided to devote myself more to the study of the French language, and to this end I discovered with enormous satisfaction the Swiss International School in Paris, an extraordinary institution in many aspects: excellent location, very pleasant building architecture, welcoming people, teachers invested in teaching and always ready to listen to each and every one of the students; there is a very positive atmosphere at the school and one feels good there. This atmosphere encourages interaction at all times with the other students, with all the teachers, as well as with the director and the secretarial staff.
Beyond the linguistic progress, my French course at the Swiss International School in Paris was for me an unforgettable experience, with positive effects on my attitude towards the efficiency and quality of these daily interactions, which I will always try to spread among my students in Brazil. (June 2022)



 5 étoiles Super! Out of my expectations! I studied here for two months and I made a big progress in French! At first I was at A2 but I was so poor in oral speaking and writing. However, in this school, there is a principle ‘only French at school’, so I had lots of opportunities to practice French with professors and other students! At the end, I improved a lot and reached B1☺️ It helps me prepare well for my current job! What’s the most important is that everyone is so nice in the school, there are round table, afterwork and many other activities to help us improve French and networking! Highly recommend! (June 2022)



5 étoiles (Translation) The teachers are brilliant and the classes are very practical and very focused on the daily use of the language. Very grateful! 100% recommendable (June 2022)



5 étoiles I spent 4 weeks here in May. This place is fantastic. Classes are small and when I was there I think there were about 20 or so students taking lessons at about 4 different levels, so it felt very personalized and small scale, in the best way. It’s kind of like a family, but a family where the members are from all over the world. The teachers are enthusiastic and funny, there are lots of personalities, almost everyone eats lunch together, and students hang out together outside of class. All in all, a wonderful and memorable experience. Go here! (June 2022)



 5 étoiles (Translation) I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn French in Paris! I looked at a few different schools online and finally chose this one because they had the most detailed information on their website. I studied here for two months. The classes are small and the choice of how long to study is very flexible. Each week we rotate through grammar, writing, reading, vocabulary, listening, and speaking. The teachers are very enthusiastic and I feel that they are very patient in correcting my pronunciation, explaining what I don't understand and are very concerned about my progress. Every Wednesday afternoon, the school organises cultural activities such as visits to museums and other places in Paris. After two months of study, my French has improved significantly and I can handle many everyday conversations, express what I want to say, understand a lot of French in my life/around me and speak it with more confidence than before!

I have also met students from different places here. We would go out together at weekends or go on picnics in the park. Later on, even though there were no more classes, the teachers would invite me back to have lunch with them. All in all, I recommend this school! (May 2022)



 5 étoiles (Translation) I took a week's educational leave at this school during the 2022 Easter holidays. It was a great experience that I can only recommend to everyone.
The school is very well organised and the teachers take excellent care of everything. It is a very open and friendly atmosphere. You are welcomed as soon as you arrive. You can arrive in peace, have a coffee or tea, read the newspapers of the day or chat with the other students or teachers in the entrance hall. The classes are small, so you can learn well. The teachers are all very nice and patient, answer all your questions, give you tips and help wherever they can. Excursions are organised and you get lots of tips on what to do in Paris.
All in all, it was a very nice experience for me and I will definitely come back again. -Thank you! (April 2022)



5 étoiles (Translation) I took a French course at this school for 1 month and it was really the best decision I could have made. Not only did I improve and practice my French, but I also met and made friends from all over the world and had a great time being there.
Excellent school, teachers, location and atmosphere! (April 2022)



5 étoiles I attended the school for three weeks and did not regret my choice for a moment. The atmosphere is very open and you feel welcome. The lessons are varied and you learn not only conversation but also grammar. The teachers are supportive and you can improve your language skills in small steps and become more confident. I also enjoyed the exchange with students from all over the world. A very nice experience! (March 2022)



5 étoiles (Translation) I really enjoyed the school experience! The teachers are very dedicated, willing to help with the needs of their students and they encourage a lot of conversation even among beginners! The atmosphere is very friendly! (March 2022)



5 étoiles (Translation) Best language school in Paris!
I followed the semi-intensive programme here for 2 months and it was great! The teachers are incredibly friendly, helpful and really want to improve your level of French. The atmosphere of the school is very family-like and you immediately feel at ease there. The teachers let you talk a lot, which was most important to me. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve their French! (February 2022)



5 étoilesI highly recommend this school! I have been taking classes for two months and have greatly improved my French language skills during my time at the school. When I started the classes, I had never taken a French class before in my life, but the school is very accommodating and patient with beginners. Small class sizes encourage participation and allow the professors to provide one-on-one coaching with each individual student. The professors also do a great job of keeping the classes lively and fun, even when covering difficult material. There is a strong sense of community at the school and it is a great way to meet new people from all over the world if you are new to the city of Paris. My experience at the school has been a highlight of my time living in Paris! Thank you to the whole team at ES!! (February 2022)



5 étoiles (Translation) The quality of the teaching and the teaching materials offered are of the highest level, each student is welcomed with the utmost attention and accompanied towards his or her objective through a personalised course to guarantee the highest chances of success. In addition to being professionally impeccable, the teachers are also exceptional people with a unique sensitivity, who will make you feel at home from the very beginning. Recommended with closed eyes! ( January 2022)



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