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 5 étoiles (Translation) I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn French in Paris! I looked at a few different schools online and finally chose this one because they had the most detailed information on their website. I studied here for two months. The classes are small and the choice of how long to study is very flexible. Each week we rotate through grammar, writing, reading, vocabulary, listening, and speaking. The teachers are very enthusiastic and I feel that they are very patient in correcting my pronunciation, explaining what I don't understand and are very concerned about my progress. Every Wednesday afternoon, the school organises cultural activities such as visits to museums and other places in Paris. After two months of study, my French has improved significantly and I can handle many everyday conversations, express what I want to say, understand a lot of French in my life/around me and speak it with more confidence than before!

I have also met students from different places here. We would go out together at weekends or go on picnics in the park. Later on, even though there were no more classes, the teachers would invite me back to have lunch with them. All in all, I recommend this school! (May 2022)