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5 étoiles (Traduit) There are so few schools that students miss on weekends and look forward to Mondays. So École Suisse Internationale Paris is just that !

I've been there for twelve productive weeks and I'm sure you can say to foreigners who want to speak French: look no further, this is it! Seriously, the teachers will make sure you speak as fast as possible.

And yes, absolutely all adults who are used to express themselves spontaneously and fluently in their native language feel very insecure when trying to speak a foreign language for the first time. They feel a bit incomplete. They have so many complex, interesting and trivial thoughts in their head. But it is difficult for them to express them. The teachers at this school are very familiar with this problem and do EVERYTHING they can to make this stage of "speaking" French easier. The atmosphere at the school is so friendly and warm that there is simply no chance of not speaking your mind, or wasting class time ineffectively.

All in all, I heartily recommend this school.

And by the way most of the students there are people who go back there ! If that's not a sign of quality - then what is? (October 2022)