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Dates & general terms

French Courses in Paris - Dates & General Terms




Learn French in Paris - Dates


You can subscribe every week for the duration of your choice, subject to availability.

Courses start on Mondays (except on public holidays).

Ecole Suisse Internationale de Paris is open from Monday to Friday.


The school will be closed on the following French public holidays :

January 1 - April 5 - May 13 - May 24 - July 14 and November 11, 2021. During these periods the prices will be adjusted.

The school will be closed for holidays from Saturday December 11, 2021 to Sunday January 9, 2022 inclusive.



General Terms-Individual Enrolment

Learn French in Paris - General terms individual enrolment


Enrolment and tuition fees

Any person wishing to attend a course has to fill in the application form and therefore accepts the terms of enrolment.

Ecole Suisse Internationale in PARIS hosts people over 18 years old (17-year-olds under condition). For any enrolment involving minors, a parental discharge supplied by our administration office must be filled in.

As soon as it receives and validates your enrolment, Ecole Suisse Internationale sends a statement of expenses by mail, indicating the bank details. Eurochecks or checks from a foreign bank, as well as certain types of transfers are subjected to important charges which we are obliged to add to the initial fees. The fees are to be paid in Euro at least 6 weeks before the beginning of the course. No proof of enrolment (necessary for any visa application) will be sent before reception of the bank transfer (or of a copy of the order of transfer for any late registration).

Ecole Suisse Internationale is part of Cercle Commercial Suisse, a non-profit organization established in 1881. Any person enrolled in a course is a member of the organization. Management and subscription fees: €65


Cancellation – Refund policy

Enrolment cancellation

Cancellation before the beginning of the course

For any cancellation announced more than 4 weeks before the beginning of the course or due to a visa refusal, Ecole Suisse Internationale refunds the pre-paid sums, minus a €150 deduction for administrative costs.

For any cancellation announced less than 5 weeks before the course:

  • for 1-to-2-week courses: no refund
  • for courses of 3 weeks or more: 2 weeks will not be refunded.

Cancellation during the course period

The payment for the courses interrupted by the student before the end of the projected period is fully due, except for extraordinary situations. The services that have not been used (courses, activities or cultural excursions), whether partly or entirely, will not be refunded.

Any refund request must be formulated by letter addressed to the head of Ecole Suisse Internationale and must indicate the bank details of the account to be credited.

Relaxed conditions due to COVID 19 (available until the 30th December 2020)

Before the start of the course :

For any cancellation made before the beginning of the course, Ecole Suisse Internationale refunds the pre-paid sums, minus a 65eur deduction for administrative costs (excluding bank fees)

After the start of the course :

All courses terminated by the student before the end of the scheduled date are to be fully paid, with the exception of cases of Force Majeure or medical reason upon the presentation of a certificate.

The services that have not been fully or partially used (courses, activities or cultural excursions) will not be refunded, but they can be rescheduled, under strict conditions, on a weekly basis only.

Courses already started cannot be refunded under any circumstances


Accommodation cancellation

Homestay. Cancellation made:

  • at less than 1 week before the beginning of the stay:  70% of the due sum will be not refunded.
  • between 1 and 3 weeks before the beginning of the stay: 50 % of the due sum will be not refunded.
  • between 3 and 4 weeks before the beginning of the stay: 20 % of the due sum will be not refunded.

Any initiated stay is fully due. The sums for the stays that are initiated late, or are interrupted before their projected end, are fully due. Unused services such as meals will not be refunded.

One-Room Apartment. Cancellation or modification intervening less than 5 weeks before the beginning of the rental contract:

  • for stays of 4 weeks or less = 2 weeks are due;
  • for stays over 4 weeks = 4 weeks are due.



All students (or the parents or legal tutors of minor students) must also subscribe an insurance policy for disease/accident+repatriation and public civil liability, and must provide proof of insurance.

For apartment accommodation, the student must subscribe insurance and provide the certificate of multi-risk house insurance, valid for France. We also recommend signing cancellation insurance.

Absence and lateness

Class-attendance is compulsory. The school will only tolerate 5 % of unjustified absences over the entire course. Students are to sign a daily attendance sheet. In case of absence, the school must be informed within 2 days.

For students holding a visa, the school is under obligation of informing the police headquarters after 5 days of unjustified absence (certificate from employer, medical certificate, etc.) without informing the school.

Punctuality is a norm in our school. If a student is more than 15 minutes late for a class, he/she will not be accepted before the 15-minute break.



Every student will receive an attendance certificate at the end of the course provided the student has attended at least 95% of the course (except for extraordinary situations or sickness).


Visa application

For every enrolment, Ecole Suisse Internationale provides a proof of enrolment, which is necessary to get a visa. In no case will the school be held accountable for a visa refusal. Every student must contact the French embassy or consulate in his/her country to learn the conditions for visa attributions.


Group and mini-group registration

Price estimate and general conditions on request. Please contact us.



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