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December 2016 - Seminar with Daniel Oppenheim

Meeting with Daniel Oppenheim, 13th december at 20:00.

November 2016 - Exhibition !


Suite au colloque consacré à Agota Kristof, le Fantastique Collectif

nous a fait cadeau de la scénographie du spectacle "Je lis", inspiré

de "L'analphabète".


September 2016 - News from your french school

Awaiting our traditional winter trip...

August 2016 - Student Forum in Paris and the Dijon School’s 21st Anniversary Celebration

Wherever you are, there will be something interesting to do in September !

July 2016 - "Laïcité mode d'emploi"

Religious neutrality : user instructions. Because it’s time to shed light on a complex notion.


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