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Frenh Courses in Dijon



Choose a quality French school that adapts itself to your needs

 Come and follow interactive and creative French classes that are tailored to suit your goals



Our French school in Dijon offers different types of programs aimed at all people wishing to improve their language skills and to practice French for personal, professional or academic reasons.

With a pleasant setting, spacious and bright rooms, our school is particularly suitable for individual and group lessons as well as for language study programs in group.


Apprendre le français à Dijon dans une atmosphère studieuse et conviviale



You are looking for a distance learning French course
from your home or workplace


Online courses

French Online Courses



You want to learn French
in a small language class in Dijon


On-premise group classes

Small group classes in Dijon to study French



You are looking for for a tailor-made course,
for one or more people


Private Lessons

French Private lessons in Dijon or online



You would like to improve your French
for professional reasons


Offers for working professionals

French programs in a professional context



You are in charge of a group
and you are looking for a language study program


Language study program for Groups

Group courses in Dijon



Info Protocole sanitaire Covid-19 Ecole Suisse Internationale Paris has enforced a strict health protocol to ensure the safety of its public. Our small school (typically about 20 to 30 students), our spacious premises and our small class sizes allow us to offer you quality education while respecting health measures.





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